Driveways & Parking Lots

Whether an existing driveway of concrete, asphalt stone or dirt or no driveway at all Toledo Paving should be your fist choice. We are equiped to provide you with a beautiful new asphalt driveway at a very reasonable price. With over 51 years of experience in driveway construction no one can beat our quality and workmanship. We have the equipment and knowhow to excavate your old surface, and prepare the stone base for paving your new asphalt driveway.

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Parking Lots
Toledo Paving has been resurfacing, patching, removing, and replacing asphalt parking lots since 1961. We also have the capability to mill out an entire lot or repave certain high traffic areas that need attention. We understand budgetary constraints and will be happy to give the best recomendations for your parking lot. All estimates are free and we would welcome the chance to help you out.

If you would like a free estimate please feel free to contact us by phone 419-841-7728 or email

Asphalt versus concrete driveways
The key to longevity of any driveway is the base underneath. Concrete is a structural, nonflexible pavement. That is why concrete needs expansion and control joints placed in strategic locations so cracking may be maintained along selected areas. Asphalt is a flexible pavement that moves and does not need joints or cuts to allow for movement. Installation of asphalt is approximately half the price of concrete and will last comparably to concrete. Asphalt does not need to be sealed every year. A coat of sealer every 3-4 years is more than adequate. Also, asphalt is impervious to salt, melts the ice and snow faster and is much easier to snow shovel.

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